Straps & reins

Les sangles en cuir pleine fleur de la Sellerie Jérôme Brosseron, Carla-Bayle, Ariège

Straps, stirrup straps, tie straps, laces...

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More details on the straps

You can find here most of the straps that complete our equipment. Some are universal, others are unique to the western saddle:

  • Stirrup leather in 3 widths: 32 mm, 65 mm and 75 mm
  • Stirrup straps
  • Tie strap
  • Horn wrap
  • Saddle strings
  • Spurs straps
  • Bit latch
  • Strap holder

Except in special cases, the straps are made of 4 to 5mm thick chrome tanned leather, light cognac only, cut in the back direction, holes are punched on the tail and buckles are mounted on the head side. This gives you excellent excellent resistance to use and over time.


And if you don't see the strap you need, I'll cut it off.

More details on the reins

My reins are made with vegetable-tanned leather 3.5 to 4mm thick.

The snap hooks are made of solid brass or nickeled solid brass. They are 2.30m long each by 15mm wide. The two bit latches are laced.

Reins can receive a decorative seam and snap hooks.

On the payment page of your order, you can specify the colour of leather (natural, cognac or black) and buckle (solid brass or nickeled solid brass).