The Chaps

Shot gun, Cutting, Batwings, chinks, blacksmith's apron

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The chaps (pronounced "tchapss"...) are robust protections of the rider's legs, made of soft leather, composed of two separate legs opening to their full height and a belt.
Their name comes from the Mexican "chaparreras" that protect the charros, the cowboys of Mexico, from the dreaded chaparros, thick and thorny bushes. They came from Andalusia or they are still used today under the name of "zahones"...

The leather legs are closed with a zipper or buckles, or even snap hooks. They are topped by two large pieces of leather, the "bibs", which can be decorated and which receive the belt.

Today, chaps are worn for work on horses or on hikes, as well as for competitions and shows. They have also been adopted by the "Bikers", in particular on Harley and other Easy Riders...

The chaps are made in 5 main models, according to their destination:

  •     The "shot guns", sober and straight, allowing the rider to walk;
  •     The "cutting", designed for this event of the American riding competitions. They are round cut at the bottom and close with 3 buckles on the thigh;
  •     The "batwings", very wide towards the back and very protective;
  •     The "chinks", stopping below the knees, for the rider who frequently sets foot on the ground. They close with 3 buckles on the thigh. It is on this model that I make the blacksmith's aprons;
  •     The "show chaps", flexible and fitted, decorated with fringes and silver buckles and conchas for the events of American horseback riding competitions where the elegance of the rider counts.