Breast collars

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You will find below the breast collars and the different options that come with them

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A stabilizing element for your saddle in dressage, challenging terrain or on some roping actions, the breast collar is a very visible part of your equipment, too.

My breast collars are made of vegetable-tanned bend leather, 3.5 to 4mm thick.

The body of the breast collars are lined with a 2mm thick chrome tanned leather, resistant to perspiration.

All rivets are copper. All buckles and snap hooks are 20mm wide and made of solid brass or nickeled solid brass.

I offer three models:

  • The "Manège", a light model for training and short ride. The body is 5cm by 88cm, neck strap and connecting straps. No tie down.
  • The "Day trip", a balanced model and very versatile. The body is 6cm by 88cm, neck strap, connecting straps with snap hooks and tie down.
  • The "Rancher", a solid model for hiking and work. Body 7cm by 88cm, connecting straps with snap hooks and tie down. No neck strap

On the payment page of your order, you can specify the colour of leather (natural, cognac or black) and buckle (solid brass or nickeled solid brass).