Making of a custom made knife case

Here are some pictures of how to make a custom knife case - click a picture to open a slideshow

My cases are available in three main models:

1 - The "Old Timer", simple and compact, with or without flap, with belt loop, very well suited for pocket knives with rather rounded handle;

2 - The "Molded", formed around a bulkier pocket knife, with or without flap, with belt loop;

3 - The "sheath", designed for straight knives: hunting, military, Bowies, daggers, etc. Equipped with a locking strap on the handle or guard, a seam protection copper rivet, a seam protection leather along the blade edge and a belt loop.

It is preferable that I receive your knife to custom fit the case.

On the payment page of your order, you can specify the colour of the leather: natural, cognac and black.

Many tools (pliers, pruning shears, screwdrivers, wrenches, lamps, etc...) can be carried in a case on the belt so that they are always within reach.