Other leather items

Here are different handcrafted and artistic creations, but always usefull

Leather wrapped bottles

Inspirated by the oil bottles the coachmen used to lubricate  their axles, these bottles will shelter your most precious liquids: flavored or essential oil, potion and  recipe or your finest aperitive, liqueur and digestive...

The wet leather is slowly molded around the bottle and then sewn by hand
The bottles are made of brown glass, with stainless steel spring clasp, 0.5 L and 0.75 L

Blacksmith's apron

Made of sturdy full grain leather 2 to 3 mm thick, with ventral reinforcement, croupon leather straps 3 to 4 mm thick and 25 mm wide, solid brass buckles and copper rivets

Adjustable in height and width

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