About me

Jérôme Brosseron in the workshop of his saddlery in Carla-Bayle
Tools of the Jérôme Brosseron Saddlery in Carla-Bayle
Leather working tools for a neat finish combining tradition and aesthetics
Full grain leather mainly vegetable or chrome tanned
Punches and matrices for leather decoration

A passion, a vocation, a work

Western rider since ever, former riding guide in French Polynesia, the design and repair of my tack always attracted me.

I discovered professional western saddle making during a trip to Australia.

But it's in the shop of Charles Leroy Dennis, saddle maker in Bishop, California, that I learned the “fine art of western saddle making” back in 1993.

After having successfully completed the equivalent of a Saddler Master examination in Bavaria, I opened my first workshop in Munich.

In 2000, my family and I moved to Carla Bayle, in the Ariège.

An imperative of tradition and quality

Through my different experiences, I came to develop methods and solutions combining tradition and beauty, responding to the demands in efficiency and reliability of very passionate customers, among amateur and professionals riders alike.


I exclusively use high quality full grain leather, mostly vegetable or chrome tanned, that I select myself at the tanner's or retailer, and work using traditional and proven methods.

I also take great care in my selection of polyester and linen threads and my buckles and hardware, made from copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver or stainless steel.



I practice the fine art of leather stamping and carving, decorating leather with geometrical or floral patterns, using an old traditional western handcraft.

This method is inherited from the old European embossed leather crafts, passed on into America via Spain and Mexico.