Who am I?

Jérôme Brosseron dans l'atelier de sa sellerie au Carla-Bayle
Outillage de la Sellerie Jérôme Brosseron au Carla-Bayle
La machin-è-coudre le cuir de la Sellerie Jérôme Brosseron, Carla-Bayle, Ariège
Cuirs pleine fleur à tannage végétal ou chrome de la Sellerie Jérôme Brosseron, Carla-Bayle, Ariège
Poinçons et matoirs pour la décoration du cuir à la Sellerie Jérôme Brosseron, Carla-Bayle, Ariège

A passion, a vocation, a profession

Western rider since always, former equestrian tourism guide in Polynesia, the design and maintenance of my equipment have always attracted me.
It was during a trip to Australia that I discovered professional western saddlery.
But it is with Charles Leroy Dennis, saddler in Bishop, California, that I went to train in western saddlery in 1993.
After obtaining a master saddler's degree in Bavaria, I opened my first workshop in Munich in 1995.
In 2000, my family and I moved to Carla Bayle, Ariège.


A demand for tradition and quality

My various experiences have taught me to develop methods and solutions combining tradition and aesthetics, meeting the demands for efficiency and solidity of a demanding clientele, both amateur and professional riders.

I exclusively use high quality full grain leathers, mainly vegetable or chrome tanned, which I choose myself from tanners and traders, and work according to traditional and proven techniques.

My hardware and fittings, in copper, brass, bronze, silver or stainless steel, and my linen or polyester threads, are also carefully selected.

Finally, I practice leather decoration with punches and dies, allowing me to make geometric or floral decorations according to the traditional American method.

This method is the heir to the embossed leather techniques practiced in Europe over the centuries and reached the Americas via Spain and Mexico.

Couture au "point sellier" à la Sellerie Jérôme Brosseron, Carla-Bayle, Ariège

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